Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Schrader

Pathologist & Computer Scientist

Klinischer Risikomanager

Technische Hochschule Brandenburg/ Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Department of Informatics and Media Brandenburg an der Havel GERMANY

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Schrader studied Medicine at the Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Medical Informatics at the BeuthHochschule Berlin. He worked at the Institute of Pathology at Charité in the Digital Pathology working group. While there, he supervised various tele pathology projects and was head of the project “OpEN.SC” (Open European Nephrology Science Centre) funded by the German Research Foundation. Since 2009, he is a Professor of Applied Informatics focusing on medical informatics at the Brandenburg University of Technology. He teaches telemedicine, eHealth, computer-assisted medicine, digital signal and image processing, and assistance systems. His research focuses on data quality in medical data repositories, prospective risk analysis in medical environments, motion analysis, and e-Health.